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Antoinette Hotels use Bodet’s Time and Attendance system to reduce HR administration and manage its workforce efficiently.

Antoinette Hotels use Bodet’s Time and Attendance system across their three sites in Kingston upon Thames, Wimbledon and Lyndhurst. Antoinette Hotels also take advantage of the optional job costing and intranet modules.

A Time and Attendance solution dedicated to Hotels

antoinette-hotelAdam Buzasi, Director at Antoinette Hotels, and Ann Tyler, Accounts Supervisor, explain the benefits of using Bodet’s dedicated Time and Attendance System for hotels.antoinette-hotel

The Antoinette Group was searching for a system to provide “accurate time recordings to cut down on any unnecessary wages” explains Adam. Bodet meets these requirements and “offers a cost effective solution. The strong reputation of Bodet’s systems and services was a key element in our decision making process”.

Managing staff efficiently

Both Ann and Adam feel that “the main benefits of the system are that you can keep track of timekeeping, sickness and holidays.”

antoinette-hotelAdam commented further that “The day to day running of the system works well. It suits our needs and meets the need of our industry. We are very happy with the system, it is really accurate.

Why not equip your hotel with Bodet’s Time and Attendance System? Call us on 01442 418800.

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