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Bodet’s Access Control Systems tailored to your needs

Secure your premises with full site Access Control configured and customised specifically for your organisation. Our expert team can advise you on an effective Access Control solution using their experience as Access Control installers.


Bodet Access Control Solutions

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Control access to specific areas of your premises inheriting access rights from your Time and Attendance System.


access-control-reader-iconAccess Control

Bodet offer a full range of hardware including proximity or biometric readers.


Plan visits and securely control visitor access via the Kelio Visitor Module which links directly to your Access Control Software.


Why use Bodet Access Control Solutions?

Bodet is an experienced supplier of Access Control Systems, having secured both employees and premises for many organisations.

As well as providing access technology such as cards, keyfobs or biometrics, Bodet will provide Access Control Management giving you full control over who is allowed access and when.

Key benefits include:

  • A Complete Access Control Solution: Bodet are all in one Access Control solution providers, handling the installation, training, maintenance and support of your system, as well as the supply of software and hardware.
  • Keeping Track: Bodet’s Access Control Software is updated in real time giving you a complete up to date view of your workforce.
  • Seamless Integration: Bodet’s Access Control Solution integrates directly into your Time and Attendance System. This means staff can use the existing clocking in method and their access rights can be inherited from existing records. The Kelio Visio X7 can even be used as a visitor terminal, so their arrival can be registered on-screen with no extra hardware.



Author : Simon T.

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