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Workforce Practices supported by our Time & Attendance Systems

Many companies are turning inward to monitor their working practices, since this can boost productivity and therefore produce higher returns without increasing customer numbers.

A range of these best practices exist which organisations can utilise to increase their bottom line, all supported by the workforce management tools Bodet supply.

Employee Engagement

employee-engagementEmployee Engagement is statistically proven to increase productivity, and therefore increase profit. By engaging your employees, you can get full potential from your staff without increasing their numbers. This practice also allows you to attract and retain talented members of staff, and prevents disengagement from negatively impacting your organisation.

Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solutions supports your employee engagement efforts through factors such as increasing communication, enabling employee empowerment and supporting organisational integrity.

Flexible Working

flexible-workingAs of 2014, employees of six months or longer are able to make a statutory request to their employer for flexible working. As an employer, you are legally obliged to respond to these requests. However, there are many benefits to offering flexible working to your staff, including productivity, cost saving and employee engagement.

With Time & Attendance Software, whether you want to offer flexitime shifts, working from home or annual working hours, all these flexible working practices can be utilised with no additional HR strain and full staff visibility.



well-beingEmployee wellbeing is important to maintain productivity, save costs through sickness absence, lower staff turnover and aid employee engagement.

With Absence Management Software, you can monitor KPIs, such as the Bradford Factor, allowing you to identify absence patterns and causes such as stress. Then you can put staff on the correct support path before long-term absence occurs. You can also monitor the effect of any Wellbeing initiatives.



Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development Ensuring your staff receive relevant, up-to-date training for their role ensures a productivity boost, as well as enabling employee empowerment, and employee engagement through the perceived investment by employers.

With Time & Attendance HR software, training notes can be added to each employee record and HR documents attached. You can also create automated reminders for HR events and log time spent in training activities.

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