Boost Call Centre Productivity

Call Centre Workforce Productivity

Stand and Deliver with Standing Desks in Call Centres

A new study by Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health provides compelling evidence that using standing desks in call centres boosts workforce productivity.


The study focused on monitoring 167 employees in a call centre in Texas over six months. The results show that employees using stand-capable desks were more productive than their colleagues left to use standard seated desks. Not only that, but the productivity of standing workers was shown to increase steadily over time. During the first month of the study, the standing group had made 23% more successful calls, but by the sixth month, that percentage of successful calls had risen to 53%.


One of the report’s authors, Mark Benden Ph.D., could not believe these results at first. “When my doctoral student first came to me, I said ‘You’ve made a mistake. This just isn’t possible’”. After verifying the data, he confirmed the surprising findings.


Since productivity is difficult to determine, for the purposes of this study, it was defined by the employer as the number of successful calls in one hour of work (a ‘successful’ call  being where the participants, health and clinical advisers, reviewed and set new goals with their clients and were able to schedule a follow-up call).


The study’s results also tally with previous research by Benden, focusing on using standing desks this time in an education environment. In high school classrooms, he has found that they increase student engagement and cognitive performance.


As well as a positive productivity effect, the study also highlights the health benefits of avoiding sitting for long periods. On average, standing workers sat for almost 1.6 hours less per day than purely seated employees. They were shown as having decreased sedentary time and physical discomfort, as well as burning more calories.


It’s also possible that this practice could boost employee engagement. Researchers noted a difference in standing workers’ ‘comfort, attitude about work and how they felt about themselves’.


Benden was also asked if the results of the study were transferable to other types of organisations. “The simple answer is yes. I think that folks, like you and me, can improve our productivity”.


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Call Centre Workforce Productivity



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