Employee Engagement & Absenteeism

Employee Engagement & Absenteeism

Here, Happy & Hardworking?

The 8th Absenteeism Barometer study, produced by Ayming, a business performance consultancy, has just been released. It contains some very interesting statistics for workplace absenteeism and employee engagement for the UK & Europe.


The study shows that British employees have the highest attendance rate for Europe, with 84% ‘always present’ rate. They also have the highest rate of happiness, with 80% polled happy in their work. However, at just 23%, they also have the lowest motivation rate of any European countries.


This indicates a very important point. Mainly that, in the UK at least, engagement isn’t directly related to attendance and happiness, with often a wild gulf between them.


The difference between absenteeism and engagement suggests that although British employees are physically present for work, this does not mean that they are motivated employees. This indicates that presenteeism (being present at work but with a low level of productivity) may well be an issue for HR managers to address. It also suggests that any absenteeism issues should be dealt with separately to engagement efforts.


When specifically asked what factors influenced their engagement levels at work, British employees highlighted professional development and recognition as areas needing improvement. The most contented employees also cited flexibility as one area they would appreciate more effort in.


Although the study doesn’t go further in pointing out the productivity and financial loss in having such low levels of engagement in the UK, an investment in engagement could well achieve more potential from your workforce as a cheaper alternative to increasing its size. This is especially true considering that attendance alone is not a guarantee of engagement.


With a Time and Attendance System, you can support an engagement strategy through factors such as communication, staff empowerment, fairness and continuing professional development (CPD), whilst being able to offer flexible working without any additional strain on HR administration.


If you would like to see how we can tailor our Time & Attendance Solutions for the specific employee engagement needs of your organisation, please contact us.


Engagement & Absenteeism



Author : Simon T.

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