Employee Engagement

Important Factors of Employee Engagement and how they can be supported by Time & Attendance Solutions

Flexible Working

flexible-workingNot only is flexible working a staff benefit which can drive employee engagement directly, it also aids it via trust, where workers are allowed to proceed with their work responsibilities often during hours of their own choosing either in the office or at home.

Organisations often face the hurdle of additional administration when considering offering flexible working. With Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solution, there’s no additional HR strain, even with complex flexitime patterns with core hours.


Staff Empowerment & Employee Self Service

Employee self-serviceBy giving your staff additional responsibilities and control across your organisation, you enable employee empowerment, making workers feel more invested in the company and increasing engagement.

Employee Self Service is part of Bodet’s Time & Attendance System, allowing staff to participate in the absence management process by creating their own absence requests, as well as being able to view their own personal time and attendance data. This reduces HR administration whilst losing none of the control, since any leave requests still have to be authorised.


communicationTo engage your employees, it’s important to communicate your strategic narrative; you can’t expect them to embody your organisations goals and values without this knowledge. It’s important that staff are aware of how their efforts fit into this bigger picture, so they don’t feel their effort is wasted. Targeted praise also has a big effect on engagement.

Bodet’s Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal offers a unique communications capability, allowing global bulletins or personal messages to be viewed on the terminal screen. Keep your staff up-to-date with company news and events, all without the need for additional hardware such as smartphones or PCs.


FairnessConsistently demonstrating organisational integrity, where company policy is seen to be adhered to across all levels of employees, is a powerful factor of engagement.

With a Time & Attendance Solution containing a visible audit trail, both management and staff have to comply with timekeeping, and holiday requests must be honoured on a first-come, first-served basis.




well-beingKeeping a good work/life balance ensures that staff are consistently able to perform at their highest level. It’s also important to show employees that their wellbeing and general health is important and that they are more than just another resource.

With Absence Management Software, you can monitor attendance in real time and calculate absence patterns using KPI indicators such as the Bradford Factor, so staff can be supported and avoid long term sickness.


CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Continuing Professional DevelopmentStaff feeling that they are continually well-equipped to accomplish their job to the best of their ability is an important motivator for engagement. It also boosts engagement by the employer showing an investment in their employees.

Through Time & Attendance Software you can recording training notes in a staff record and attach HR documents, set up automatic HR event reminders such as appraisals, and log time spent in training activities or on secondment.


Why is Employee Engagement important?

Increase Productivity

Engaged employees put in greater effort to help your organisation achieve its goals, are more creative, take less time off with sickness leave and are more customer-focused

Attract and Retain Talented Staff

Specialist employees with industry critical skills are much more likely to stay within an organisation that demonstrates engagement efforts and treats them as more than just a resource, and the same is true when valuable potential staff are looking around the job market.


When engagement levels drop drastically, employees will eventually become ‘actively disengaged’. This means that they are proactively working against the efforts of their employees. This is obviously a very damaging situation.

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