The Attraction of Flexible Working

Report shows Flexible Working is a top priority for attracting staff but highlights discrepancies in offered working practices

A new report by Great Place to Work provides further weight that flexible working is something that employees want, and in fact is in the top five priorities for workers when choosing a new job.


Great Place to Work is part of a global research, consulting and training consultancy that helps organisations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures.


It is clear from findings in the ‘Flexible working: are employers missing a trick?‘ report that flexitime and working from home are critical issues for the perceived quality of an organisation, with working from home being offered in 75% of the UK’s 100 Best Work places, and flexitime at 55%. This is compared to only 22% of the average UK workplaces offering working from home, and 37% offering flexitime.


Another main focus of the report is the large discrepancy between what employees actually want, and what employers are actually offering with regards to flexible working. Of the different types of flexible working, 45% of employees stated that they would like flexitime, i.e. working specific core hours but start and finish times can be chosen by the employee (within agreed limits). 37% of employers in the survey group offer this at the moment. Conversely, whilst 57% of employers offer part-time working, only 21% of employees actually want it. The same is true of staggered hours, with only 16% of employees mentioning it, but 30% of employers allowing it. This could indicate a lack of understanding from employers as to the flexible working practices desired by their employees.


The report also highlights that uniformity is also an issue that needs to be addressed. Examples given are certain employees coming under ‘legacy’ arrangements, different rules across different teams and managers being much more likely to work at home than staff. Fairness needs to be considered in order to maintain employee engagement.


With a central Time & Attendance System in place, a variety of Clocking In Methods can be used, such as Smartphone Clocking In and Virtual Clocking In, alongside physical Clocking In Terminals. These allow an employer to offer a full range of flexible working methods, which as part of a solution with Time & Attendance Software, put no additional strain on HR administration.


If you would like more information on we can tailor a Time & Attendance Solution to fit the flexible working needs of your organisation, please contact us.




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