Flexible Working & Employee Engagement

Further evidence for working from home, remote & mobile working and flexible hours all supporting Employee Engagement

A new report from HR experts, Cornerstone OnDemand, provides evidence that these flexible working practices are directly linked to Employee Engagement.


The white paper report, called Future People: Workplace Evolution in the Age of Digital Transformation, looks at flexible working, leadership, performance management and the role of the HR department. The results have been analysed from a survey conducted by IDC across Europe in January to March 2016.


Over 500 employees were surveyed. Of those, 78% said their employers offer flexible working hours, 76% said remote working was available, 71% had the option of working from home and 59% had mobile working enabled.


The ten European countries surveyed were ranked also ranked for the above, with the UK coming 7th for offering flexible working, 9th for remote working, 4th for working from home and 7th for mobile working.


Of those who wanted to work at home, 40% stated that the barriers to this were IT systems.


The report comments that although the workplace has benefits such as professional identity, social interaction and knowledge exchange, the best results for engagement are achieved through a mix of office and home working.


The white paper goes on to show the impact on worker happiness for flexible working practices. Remote working is shown as having a 17% impact on happiness (ranked 2nd), working from home and the ability to work on mobile devices both having 15% (ranked joint 5th), and allowing flexible working hours having 10% (ranked 8th). Together, these working practices have a 57% total effect on staff happiness, demonstrating that flexible working is something which cannot be ignored.



Cornerstone conclude that although the benefits of flexible working themselves aid engagement, the trust demonstrated from the organisation towards the employee by allowing these practices is also a happiness factor.


Although Europe is progressing well with developing flexible working practices, much more should be done considering the impact on engagement displayed by these findings. This is particularly true for the UK, which ranks consistently lower for the provision of these compared to the other European countries involved in the survey. The report also states that although some barriers to working from home are intrinsic, other hurdles, such as IT limitations, should be overcome in order to become attractive employers.


A modern Time & Attendance System can easily cater to flexible working practices, without putting any additional strain on HR administration. Clocking In Machines will accurately record attendance times, and Time & Attendance Software can easily cope with flexible working hours. Should the required attendance rules not be met, automated notifications can be sent to management.


Smartphone clocking in and virtual clocking in options cater for all kinds of mobile, remote working and working from home requirements. These still offer additional functionality such as submitting absence requests and checking of personal data, and all feed into the same Time & Attendance Software so a mixture of clocking in methods can be utilised without issue. And with the advent of Cloud-based Workforce Management Solutions, your system could be accessed from any device with an internet connection, without having to install additional software.


If you would like further advice on how a Time & Attendance System could cater for the specific flexible working practices of your organisation, please contact us.




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