National Work Life Week 2016

National Work Life Week 2016

Promote Wellbeing & Flexible Working within your organisation

This week (3rd to 7th October 2016) is National Work Life Week in the UK, a period where both employers and employees are encouraged to focus on wellbeing at the workplace and the work/life balance.


As an employer, you can use this time as the perfect opportunity to remind staff of the flexible working policies and practices your organisation offers. This week also encourages people to go home on time, rather than working late.


As previously discussed, over-engagement is extremely counterproductive for overall productivity. It’s important to ensure that your staff are encouraged and informed in such a way so that they can work more efficiently with that motivational boost rather than just working longer hours. This week can be used to discuss working habits with members of staff who are consistently working over their allotted hours. Failure to address these issues early on can lead to much more damaging health problems unless action is taken.


National Work Life Week is also a good time to open a dialogue with your workforce, finding out just what kind of flexible working practices they would like, versus the ones your organisation currently offers. We’ve mentioned before that there is often a broad chasm between the two. This process of feedback is also important to employee engagement.


Remember that a Time & Attendance System can play a crucial part in your strategy for wellness and flexible working. With such a solution, you will be able to spot patterns such as staff working unpaid overtime for long periods of time before taking sickness leave possibly due to stress. It also allows you to offer a full range of flexible working practices such as flexitime and working at home without any additional strain on HR administration.


Please contact us to see how we can tailor our Workforce Management Solutions for the individual needs of your organisation, supporting your wellbeing and flexible working efforts.


National Work Life Week 2016



Author : Simon T.

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