Time and Attendance Overview

The Benefits of a Time and Attendance System

Our Time and Attendance Systems enable you to improve visibility, increase productivity and reduce HR administration.
As the European leader in Time Management Systems, we offer a complete solution; Clocking in systems and Software Modules, as well as installation, training and comprehensive aftercare support. Our innovative solutions have been sold to over 35,000 customers in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Improve Visibility

With Bodet Time & Attendance Solutions you will be able to access accurate and up to date information about your workforce. This can be used to monitor employee, departmental and company performance and provide the data required to improve efficiency.


Real time information at your fingertips


A quick on the spot occupancy report in the result of an emergency evacuation


A full audit trail


Receive alerts about anomalies


Mobile clocking for remote staff


Forecast costs against budget


Increase Productivity

Implementing a Bodet Time & Attendance Solution will prevent tendencies among employees to arrive a few minutes late or leave earlier than planned. But this is just the beginning in terms of making your workforce more productive.


Ensure staff work the required shifts and are paid correctly


Planning facility to ensure shifts are covered by the correct number of staff with appropriate skills whilst checking the specific constraints of your workforce


Say goodbye to paper timesheets


Job costing with the ability to assign cost centres to functions within your organisation


Reduce HR Administration

Bodet’s Time and Attendance Solution has been carefully designed to enable you to reduce HR Administration. In addition to being able to give as much control to managers and team leaders as you choose, you will also benefit from the following:


Decentralise HR administrative tasks by enabling your workforce to make absence requests and check their holiday balance


Generate customised reporting


Secure and centralised information about your workforce


Transfer data into payroll with option of automated link



Author : Simon T.

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